Audify read aloud web browser (PDF, ePub)– text to speech (TTS)

Audify is a text to speech app, web browser and PDF, ePub, txt reader app. Audify can read aloud (text to speech, TTS) web page text (HTML) and eBooks (ePub and PDF), whether it is news, novels, stories, or articles. Audify is designed to protect your eyes. Listening to the web page content while doing other things, such as commuting and doing exercises, can save you a lot of time and energy. You can learn more and get more knowledge. It can be switched to night mode, blue light filter mode, and the brightness can be dimmed. Font size can also be changed to become very large. It can translate languages, search in page and it has a couple of other useful features. Audify can be used on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple M1 Mac.

* Read aloud web page text (HTML), text to speech (TTS)
* Read aloud eBooks (ePub, PDF, TXT), text to speech (TTS)
* Convert text to audio files (WAV)
* Add to playlist
* Auto next page
* Double click and start reading aloud from the position
* Different voices can be selected
* Translate
* Adjustable speaking rate. Learn English and other languages (Spanish, German, French, etc.)
* Night mode
* Blue light filter mode
* Adjustable screen brightness
* User-defined bookmark categories
* Font size can be enlarged or reduced
* Search in page
* Share URL and files with this APP from other apps
* Download files and read them aloud
* Import files from folders and Cloud server
* Sleep timer
* Choose search engines
* Bold text
* Full screen